We support the fight for gender self-determination & body sovereignty.

about the project

As of July 1, 2017 we've donated over $24,000 and sold over 2,700 clothing items. 

This 501(c)3 was inspired by Yoko & John’s “War Is Over! (If You Want It)” campaign, a lifelong frustration with normative binary gender roles and coercive gendering, and a belief in self-determination.

We think that society’s emphasis on assigned binary gender roles is harmful, damaging, and often violent, and this is a statement against that. However, by “gender” we don’t mean “gender identities” — we believe that people’s gender identities & expressions are valid and should be respected! We also don’t intend for this to imply that we currently live in a post-gender world: gendered violence & gender inequality are real and pressing issues that require lots of work to dismantle.

Self-expression and solidarity along with critical thinking and a desire to start conversations guide the project. The message is open to interpretation and people's perspectives are far and wide.

We donate proceeds from clothing sales to organizations that work in support of trans & gender nonconforming people with special consideration for: education, youth empowerment, homelessness, mental health, incarceration, and structural racism. We also use proceeds to give free gear to LGBTQ youth and fund the continuation of the project.

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We're not partnered with any of these organizations, but we believe they're doing really important work: